Welcome to Grand Guignol Games!

Posted in Announcements on May 3, 2011 by grandguignolgames

Welcome to Grand Guignol Games!

We are a company of friends and gamers who run games at conventions.

Our ‘main’ convention is GenCon but we have also been known to run things at other Midwest cons.

This year at GenCon we will have two main events:

In the afternoon we present:

“Magic: The Dislocating”, a Discworld LARP

Something is fishy in Ankh-Morpork. The wizards are in a tizzy, the Watch is more paranoid than normal, even some of the animals have been acting weird. Rumors abound, but will you be the one to solve the mystery?

And then in the evening we will present:

“First Film Crew…On Mars!” A Hollow Earth LARP.

VanRyan Studios seeks cast and crew to film “Arkansas Chuck and the Red Menace” in exotic localle! Fame! Fortune! Adventure! Shots and oxygen provided! Pulp-era human characters are playable. 

As always, for both events, Costuming is encouraged!

Stay tuned to this site for more updates as they become available. Until then feel free to look at past events or look at our resource links!

Hope to see you at GenCon and remember: The Puppets have Teeth!